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Aerospace and Defence
Aerospace and Defence
Aerospace and Defence
(MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, DO 160)

As a manufacturer of military equipment,you need reliable, efficient and secure Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)test partners to assist you in getting your products to market as timely andcost-effectively as possible.

We can provide you with a complete service,from initial project stage and test plan origination to pre-compliance testingand final qualification report issuance. Our responsive team of experiencedengineers and project support staff, are on-hand to advise, guide, and managethe whole process for you.

GRGTEST engineers have experience in military and aerospace testing, so you canbe comfortable that our knowledge is extensive and that your project is in safehands.

Our testing facilities provide manufacturers with cost and time-to-market advantagesthrough single-source project management for mandatory EMC testing, as well asperformance testing and electrical safety certification.

  • The ability to perform     radiated immunity testing up to 200V/m field strength in accordance with     MIL STD 461 RS103 from 2MHz to 40 GHz and down to 10KHz if needed (with     capabilities to test equipment located in aircraft and above deck on     ships).

  • The ability to perform     radiated immunity testing up to 200V/m in accordance with DO 160 section     20 from 100MHz to 18GHz (with capabilities to test equipment located in     commercial aircraft category W and Y).

  • The ability to perform DC     Magnetic Field Susceptibility testing up to 1600A/m in accordance to MIL     STD 1399 Section 070.

In addition to EMC testing, GRGTESToffers:


  • EMC Radiated     Immunity/Susceptibility

  • Radiated Emissions

  • Bulk Current Injection

  • Conducted     Immunity/Susceptibility

  • Conducted Emissions


  • Materials Testing

  • Vibration

  • Thermal Shock

  • Electrical Testing

  • Mechanical Testing

  • Altitude

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Rain

  • Salt Fog/Spray

  • Sand & Dust

  • Acoustic

  • Immersion


  • Photometric Testing

  • Color Testing

  • Blackout Visibility     Testing